Sticky Gingerbread Recipe (Just like McVities Ginger Cake!)

This recipe for Gingerbread Cake, looks and sounds amazing. Definitely going to give this a try!

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One of my favourite cakes ever is the simple ginger cake. Every week we used to always get one of the McVities Jamaica Ginger Cakes. I think it’s the moistness of the cake that really does it, and that special dark sticky top that they seem to get.

I have done a few ginger cakes before but haven’t found one that is as good as this one. Left for a couple of days and you also get that seemingly illusive sticky top. It is from ‘The Great British Book of Baking’ which accompanies the TV series ‘The Great British Bake Off’ with the legend that is Mary Berry.

I gave it a try and couldn’t have been happier – couple of points I’ve put at the bottom just for how I adjusted it for my baking tins.

Here goes:


225g Self-Raising Flour

1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1 tbsp…

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Triyit Unboxing Video

I have recently signed up to a new free review service, you basically get picked for campaigns to try products for free.

Fortunately I was lucky enough to be chosen to try their first box, which had a healthy theme.

Check out my unboxing video here: 

I am sure you can guess what i will be trying throughout this week and the next!

Drop me a comment below, to let me know if you would like me to do a review of the products in the box.

That’s all for now xx

Hair problems

Over the years I have had the same hairstyle and it has become my lazy, no effort go to.

Seriously, it’s just pulled back in a ponytail. Boring as you like but I have a real problem with hair on my neck and face.

I have had it permed (twice) and cut in an angled bob…. but, I always end up with the same bloody thing.

Sometimes with a quiff, for the days I can actually bothered to make an effort but most times just pulled back.

Well.. a couple of months ago, I decided it was time for a change and cut my hair. I actually wanted it a bit shorter than it turned out but I’m glad the hairdresser went with the slightly longer cut, because to be fair I would look like a shit hot mess most days.


This is the before and after shot.

Now let’s be honest.. my hair is fine, flat and limp beforehand. Although my hair is fine there is loads of hair.

After having my son, who is now 5 years old.. my hair is breaking and falling out at a rapid rate so I have been trying to do things differently.

Which has meant;

  • Using less products
  • Less heat
  • Dead ends cut off
  • Not pulling it back so tightly and wearing down more

I also suffer with really itchy and flaky scalp and tried numerous shampoo’s, oils and treatments… none of which has had a long lasting effect. Washing less, washing more, expensive products and medicated shampoo’s… all fails. Then I tried coconut oil, not great for fine hair as it leaves my hair seriously greasy, great for my scalp though as it helps left off all of the dry skin BUT.. my hair falls out where the dry skin is which is pretty much all around my hairline. I am led to believe that stress and diet has alot to answer for!

Back to the haircut… 2 months on I am still trying to get to grips with styling my shorter hair and the best I have got was this. …


And this…


I really like this cut… but my god.. styling it is a chore. I know I will get quicker with practice,but after so many years of the go to pulling it back into a ponytail and the lack of effort… this could take me an hour sometimes more. Pffft.

So ladies… any tips for hair loss and scalp problems are very much welcomed.

I will soon be trying out some more natural remedies that I have found on pintrest and youtube and possibly review if they actually make a difference or not if anyone is interested.

Thanks for reading x

Stuck in a rut

I haven’t posted for a while because basically….I have been stuck in a rut. 

I love crochet but have not picked up my hook for absolutely ages and it really bothers me. I spend So much time saving paterns and planning to make things but then when it comes to it.. I don’t even pick up my hook. 

It’s the same with dyeing..  although this is more down to finances than anything else. I have not dyed anything for around a year and I love dyeing yarn. It allows me to be creative and spontaneous as I never really planned as such… I knew which colours I wanted to use but everything was free hand and spur of the moment. 

Same goes for my bullet journal… haven’t picked it up for months. 

Everything has seemingly gone to pot and I am fighting my way back to “my normality” 

Does anyone else feel like their creative streak has run away and left them? 

Spring is here, & it’s GIVEAWAY time!!! — not your average crochet

And it’s bigger than my last Thanksgiving giveaway, too. Ooooh, I’ve been waiting to be able to do this one! Lets jump right into what you could win! You could win ALL THE THINGS: Let’s go into details, shall we? What you’ll win: Item #1: Frozen Lake Wool of the Andes Sport Sampler 100% Peruvian […]

via Spring is here, & it’s GIVEAWAY time!!! — not your average crochet


Bullet Journal Journey

Ahhhh the world of journals, diaries, calendars and just getting a little more organised. Scary stuff let me tell you…
I have spent hours upon hours, trailing reviews, blogs, you tube videos, Facebook groups, pintrest. .. you name it, I have searched it!!
“Why?” you ask..  well… I was trying to figure out what suited my needs the most and more importantly,  something I would actually use as well as something I wouldn’t give up on.

As much as I like to think of me being creative, oh my gosh the beautiful layouts, decorative pages and damn right impossible lettering I have seen in people’s journals leave me with that feeling of… I wish I could write/draw/create like that. Well unfortunately,  (yes I can admit) I am just not that talented but I can still try right??

So I bought a squared Picadilly medium notebook http:// although I bought mine off of eBay. 

I sat and drafted out what I wanted out of my bullet and then went with it… I tried to add some colour (I’m honest…  I’m crap with decorative stuff) with my Staedtler triplus fineliners (love writing with these) http://

Here is a couple of pics of my layout so far..



Pretty boring right lol but hey ho.. it works for me.. so far so good.

I’m hoping, this helps me to keep track of my ordinary life and hopefully,  it will help me to organise my time a little better.

Feel free to show me yours.. are you decorative or do you keep it simple? ?

Hair colour disaster!

So for the last 2 years I have been having to dye my hair (good old greys).

I am natural brunette but have always had natural highlights if that makes sense. Anyway… I started off by using browns similar to my own colour.. then I got brave and went for mahogany lol I’m not brave at all…. plus I know reds are difficult to get out.

Anyway I was long overdue and so, off I went to get me some dye… I went from mahogany  (loreal excellence) to this…


Looks nice huh!
So I dyed over my mahogany which was last dyed maybe 4 months ago… left it on for time stated and got a patchy mess… almost looked black!!!
*insert picture of a very unhappy me*



I mean really?? What is this?? This was taken the next morning. I honestly didn’t understand why it went like this… but .. unhappy is an understatement!

So I went to get something to get rid of the colour.. I had seen reviews  for Colour b4 so off I went to buy it. http://

So after getting home I sat down and read the instruction leaflet. I evenly spread the stuff from roots to tips and after combing through.. I loosely clipped my hair and wrapped in cling film and a towel as it works better in a warm environment.

After a long hour I took off the towel and saw this…


It looks almost orange… but I had read reviews  that’s this is normal… after join in the shower and some thorough  rinsing (I was in there about 45 mins).

When my hair was wet… I was not impressed  but then…. as if by some weird, magic when I dried my hair it looked so much better … closer to my original hair colour.



Ok so it still glimmers a bit of orange … but… I am so much happier with it like this than what it was before.
And the best thing is… my greys weren’t showing *insert evil laugh* mwah hahahaha. Needless to say I am truly impressed by Colour b4.
I haven’t died over it yet as it did leave my hair horribly dry.. almost straw like.. so I’m spending the next few weeks conditioning it back to its former glory and I have to add… yes my hair stunk of the product for the next 5 or 6 washes but I can live with that lol

My sincere apologies for all of the unattractive photos but let’s be honest.. how could I have possibly made this pretty lmao.

That’s all for now 😊

Dye My Yarn

So about 2 years ago I randomly  decided to teach myself to crochet.  I learnt through LOTS and I mean LOTS of videos on YouTube.. I decided one day that I wanted to make my son a scarf.. so I did.


Crochet is something I pick up and put down as life gets in the way. *note to self.. I must crochet more*
I still call myself a beginner as I still have lots to learn.. but I love crocheting.. I can concentrate on something else other than work and bills, I guess you could say it’s my escape.

I joined a lot of crochet  groups on Facebook and the pattern collection  has grown massively *sigh* I wonder if I will actually  get round to making half of the things I have saved. Just so you know Raverly is a curse and blessing at the same time lol.

Then…. I found indie dyed yarn… oh well.. now I’m in trouble!
The yarns were so beautiful  and colourful I had to get involved.
I spent months researching the whole process.. the how to.. the dyes.. the instructions on different  ways to dye yarn.. the materials .. the lot.
And so it began… I bought a dye your own kit. I dyed my first 100g of DK and I was, well and truly hooked!

I thought long and hard and after much more research decided to start my own selling page


Feel free to take a look.. it is slowly growing and in the process of being Re-stocked. 

Here are a couple of my favourites



I will be dyeing  some more this week…

What is your favourite colour way? Leave me a comment to let me know you might see it appear in my next dye session.

Watch this space ☺

Little man is leaving us for Reception!

So, on Monday our big boy will be starting reception.. he is excited  but I think a little nervous because a lot of his friends from nursery are going to different school’s.  I know he will make new friends in no time.
He is a very clever boy and I hope he shines..always. He loves to learn new things and be around other kids. He cannot wait to get back to school.. I love that.

This summer holiday, has been very boring for all of us… with me going from full-time to part-time work, money is tight and with have been crafting, reading, playing cards (he beat me at black jack… twice) and the odd trip to the park when it hasn’t been raining.

I cannot be the only one who feels guilty that we have not done anything over the holidays… there is so much pressure that during the holidays you have to do all the activities  and go to all those very expensive attractions. . Even the free entry places… well yeah.. all well and good if I had travel fare…. next year will be better!! Mummy will hopefully be more financially organised.

We went to buy his shoes and uniform at the weekend… I didn’t go overboard  because the way this boy is growing.. I know by the end of the year we will have to get the next size up lol
God, they grow so quickly lol

Today.. we go to the barbers for a fresh haircut ready for school… bye bye curls.. see u again in a few weeks 